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Louis Minnaar is a visual artist from Pretoria, South Africa with a background in fine
arts, design and digital media. He has held five solo exhibitions and participated in
numerous group exhibitions both locally and internationally. Over time, Minnaar's
artistic focus has shifted from illustrative/digital work to his original love of fine art,
with a current emphasis on collage making, abstract image making and the
integration of found objects into his work.



  • Breathing Room - Solo exhibition, 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town


  • Poster Series - Brunch, Stanley 44, JHB

  • Re-Form Group show, The Gallery, Stanley 44, JHB


  • 2K.2 'untitled'- group show at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • I know I don't know / But what if we're wrong? - group show at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB



  • Solo Exhibition at 99Loop Gallery, Cape Town, 2018



  • HAIL MARY! Solo Exhibition at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • Sixteen Hundred at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB



  • FifteenHundred at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • Fotostaatmasjien Group show at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • 72 Hours Group show at at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • Repeating Patterns: Back to Basics 



  • Bright Night Group Exhibition, MOAD, Maboneng

  • A is for Apocalypse, Z is for Zombies - 2 Man show at Kalashikov Gallery, JHB



  • Group exhibition "Locals Only" with Skullboy, Durban, Johannesburge

  • The River Exhibition with Maaike bakker at Salon91, Capetown

  • Group Exhibition at Wolves, JHB entitled “Alphabet”



  • Two man show “Muggers” with Gerhard Uys at +27 Design café, PTA

  • Verb poster show (city slickers) at the Wessel Snyman Gallery, Capetown           

  • Toffie poster show at the Toffie pop culture festival, Capetown “Nothing is everything” – Group show at wordofart,

  • Capetown Addidas tshirt show “celebrate originality”, Capetown

  • Group exhibition at the bin, Capetown


  • Justified Jotting 2- group exhibition at Magpie Gallery.

  • City slickers- group exhibition at +27 Design café, PTA

  • Solo Exhibition “Originale” at Salon91, Cape Town

  • Solo Exhibition “Originale 002” at +27 Design café, PTA


  • Participation in Bigwood 2, group exhibition at Artspace, Durban + Belgium 2009)

  • Justified Jotting- group exhibition at Magpie Gallery. Video and sound installations.

  • Art Vespa 2008.

  • Levis/aKING t-shirt exhibition at KUNST HOUSE, Cape town.


  • Opening exhibition at The Gallery in Pretoria "van Boerekitch en ander dinge" –group show at KKNK'07.

  • Group exhibition entitled "meter cubed" at August House

  • Group exhibition with Love and Hate entitled “the walls” at Canned Applause Record Store

  • Group exhibition (gallery opening) at the Secret Gallery along with Lionel Smit, Diek Grobler etc...

  • Sasol New Signatures 2007.                   

  • “SA+UK=” group exhibition, Dalston Lane café, London.

  • Art Vespa 2007.

  • Open Lab.02 group exhibition at designquarter.



  • Participation: “40x 40” –group show at the KKnK.

  • Solo exhibition at the Project Room, Gordart Gallery entitled “circus”.

  • Group show along with 26 artists entitled “new suburbia” with Love and Hate at Platform on eighteenth 

  • Works chosen for Gordon Froud’s young curator show at Aardklop.

  • Group show at Moja Modern entitled "the Inevitable" with Love and Hate



  • Installation collaboration with Paul Loynes (Senyol) at Dirt, Cape town (January) 

  • Group show “functional” at Gordart gallery

  • “Porn again” at Merely Mortal

  • Works selected for Ekurhuleni fine art awards Works selected Sasol new signatures.

  • “The dreamtime persistence”. 2 man exhibition with Colin O’mara Davis at Betty’s Tea Room



  • Ekurhuleni fine arts awards: special Mention award

  • Sasol New Signatures

  • 52weeks52works participation (

  • Group exhibition at Merely Mortal (cut-out installation)

  • 3 Man exhibition at Secret Gallery, PTA, entitled “episode.eternity” (Audrey Anderson, Colin O’mara Davis)

  • 10x10 at Gordart, Melville



  • Group exhibition, Bramley gallery (Marcel Waldeck, Chris le Roux, Adele Botha) 

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