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  • BREATHING ROOM - Solo exhibition, 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town


  • Poster Series - Brunch, Stanley 44, JHB

  • Re-Form Group show, The Gallery, Stanley 44, JHB


  • 2K.2 'untitled'- group show at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • I know I don't know / But what if we're wrong? - group show at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB



  • HELLO DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND. Solo Exhibition at 99Loop Gallery, Cape Town, 2018



  • HAIL MARY! Solo Exhibition at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • Sixteen Hundred at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB



  • FifteenHundred at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • Fotostaatmasjien Group show at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • 72 Hours Group show at at No End Contemporary Gallery, JHB

  • Repeating Patterns: Back to Basics 



  • Bright Night Group Exhibition, MOAD, Maboneng

  • A is for Apocalypse, Z is for Zombies - 2 Man show at Kalashikov Gallery, JHB



  • Group exhibition "Locals Only" with Skullboy, Durban, Johannesburge

  • The River Exhibition with Maaike bakker at Salon91, Capetown

  • Group Exhibition at Wolves, JHB entitled “Alphabet”



  • Two man show “Muggers” with Gerhard Uys at +27 Design café, PTA

  • Verb poster show (city slickers) at the Wessel Snyman Gallery, Capetown           

  • Toffie poster show at the Toffie pop culture festival, Capetown “Nothing is everything” – Group show at wordofart,

  • Capetown Addidas tshirt show “celebrate originality”, Capetown

  • Group exhibition at the bin, Capetown


  • Justified Jotting 2- group exhibition at Magpie Gallery.

  • City slickers- group exhibition at +27 Design café, PTA

  • Solo Exhibition “Originale” at Salon91, Cape Town

  • Solo Exhibition “Originale 002” at +27 Design café, PTA


  • Participation in Bigwood 2, group exhibition at Artspace, Durban + Belgium 2009)

  • Justified Jotting- group exhibition at Magpie Gallery. Video and sound installations.

  • Art Vespa 2008.

  • Levis/aKING t-shirt exhibition at KUNST HOUSE, Cape town.


  • Opening exhibition at The Gallery in Pretoria "van Boerekitch en ander dinge" –group show at KKNK'07.

  • Group exhibition entitled "meter cubed" at August House

  • Group exhibition with Love and Hate entitled “the walls” at Canned Applause Record Store

  • Group exhibition (gallery opening) at the Secret Gallery along with Lionel Smit, Diek Grobler etc...

  • Sasol New Signatures 2007.                   

  • “SA+UK=” group exhibition, Dalston Lane café, London.

  • Art Vespa 2007.

  • Open Lab.02 group exhibition at designquarter.



  • Participation: “40x 40” –group show at the KKnK.

  • Solo exhibition at the Project Room, Gordart Gallery entitled “circus”.

  • Group show along with 26 artists entitled “new suburbia” with Love and Hate at Platform on eighteenth 

  • Works chosen for Gordon Froud’s young curator show at Aardklop.

  • Group show at Moja Modern entitled "the Inevitable" with Love and Hate



  • Installation collaboration with Paul Loynes (Senyol) at Dirt, Cape town (January) 

  • Group show “functional” at Gordart gallery

  • “Porn again” at Merely Mortal

  • Works selected for Ekurhuleni fine art awards Works selected Sasol new signatures.

  • “The dreamtime persistence”. 2 man exhibition with Colin O’mara Davis at Betty’s Tea Room



  • Ekurhuleni fine arts awards: special Mention award

  • Sasol New Signatures

  • 52weeks52works participation (

  • Group exhibition at Merely Mortal (cut-out installation)

  • 3 Man exhibition at Secret Gallery, PTA, entitled “episode.eternity” (Audrey Anderson, Colin O’mara Davis)

  • 10x10 at Gordart, Melville



  • Group exhibition, Bramley gallery (Marcel Waldeck, Chris le Roux, Adele Botha) 

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