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HAIL MARY! - A last resort. A desperate effort to achieve 'something' that seems un-likely.


"If I could peel back my skull and show you my brain it would probably look like a bottomless hole full of little shards of crumpled up papers that seem as if they could’ve meant something at some stage, but definitely don’t anymore. I struggle to make sense of all the information. It's as if my brain is so full of images, ideas, songs, texts and numbers, that are hard coded with vague symbolism and hidden meanings, that the clear, meaningful pockets of information and memory that were stored for safe keeping have almost withered away and might one day be entirely forgotten.” - Louis Minnaar

This kind of thinking became the driving force behind creating work for HAIL MARY! and has set the tone for a larger body of work, HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND, which will be exhibited later this year. The intention was to move away from a graphically literal and illustrative way of image making and focus on creating more abstract, textural work that utilizes ‘randomness' as a compositional tool and explores the idea of reconstructing ideas out of the remnants of expired ones.

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